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Quest 1 Setup - The Trials of Tolk the Wise: Quest of the Magic Puzzle

Updated: Mar 24

Greetings Citizens of Treasure Falls!

Here is the setup information for the first quest in The Trials of Tolk the Wise Adventure Campaign for The Quest Kids.

I will post a video that covers the quest setup in the near future.

In addition to the video resource above, I have provided the setup information found on page 9 of the Quest Guide below:


Don’t spoil the fun! Try not to look at the back of any of the Quest Dungeon Tiles.


Remove the following Dungeon Tiles from the Base Game Dungeon Tile Deck:

  • All of the Tolk Gem Tiles (5 total cards) except for the RED Tolk Gem of WISDOM.

Take the FIVE Quest 1 Dungeon Tiles under the Quest 1 Quest Prep Card and add them to the remaining Base Game Deck.

Shuffle the Dungeon Tiles and populate the cave like usual (gray/green tiles in the left four rooms & red tiles in the right 3 rooms).


  • Piece together the clues to form a picture and then solve the riddle!

  • You must explore all Dungeon Tiles before attempting to solve the puzzle.

  • Players should keep the plastic Tolk Gems for any gems found during Quest 1 on their player mat (they can return the Tolk Gem card to the Base Game Dungeon Tile deck after the quest).

Read CAMPAIGN CARD 1 to the group and begin your Quest!

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