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Quest 1 Setup - The Trials of Tolk the Wise: Quest of the Magic Puzzle

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Greetings Citizens of Treasure Falls!

Here is the setup information for the first quest in The Trials of Tolk the Wise Adventure Campaign for The Quest Kids.

In addition to the video resource above, I have provided the setup information found on page 9 of the Quest Guide below:


Don’t spoil the fun! Try not to look at the back of any of the Quest Dungeon Tiles.


Remove the following Dungeon Tiles from the Base Game Dungeon Tile Deck:

  • All of the Tolk Gem Tiles (5 total cards) except for the RED Tolk Gem of WISDOM.

Take the FIVE Quest 1 Dungeon Tiles under the Quest 1 Quest Prep Card and add them to the remaining Base Game Deck.

Shuffle the Dungeon Tiles and populate the cave like usual (gray/green tiles in the left four rooms & red tiles in the right 3 rooms).


  • Piece together the clues to form a picture and then solve the riddle!

  • You must explore all Dungeon Tiles before attempting to solve the puzzle.

  • Players should keep the plastic Tolk Gems for any gems found during Quest 1 on their player mat (they can return the Tolk Gem card to the Base Game Dungeon Tile deck after the quest).

Read CAMPAIGN CARD 1 to the group and begin your Quest!

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George Brunner
George Brunner

What do you do if you get to the end of the campaign and the last dungeon tiles are special tiles that you cannot complete? Have you lost the quest and must try again? How do you score?

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