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Illustrated Early-Reader Chapter Fantasy Books

Ages 6-8

Dive into the enchanting world of "Skylar and the Quest for Power," a perfect early-reader tale that takes young minds on an extraordinary journey full of bravery, magic, and friendship.


Follow the young Viking captain, Skylar, as she embarks on an adventure in the mystical land of Treasure Falls, a place of wonder and legends. After a fierce storm wrecks her beloved ship, The Scorpa, Skylar finds herself in the mystical land of Treasure Falls, a place she believed was only a legend. Here, she must navigate unfamiliar terrains, battle trolls, and unite with the people of Bloomshire to combat a growing evil.

In this thrilling saga, Skylar discovers that true power lies not just in physical strength, but in leadership, courage, and the bonds of friendship. As she encounters magical creatures and mystical gems, Skylar realizes she is a key figure in a much larger destiny – the return of the Quest Kids, legendary heroes prophesied to save Treasure Falls.

"Skylar and the Quest for Power" is a tale of heroism, resilience, and the discovery of one's inner strength. Join Skylar as she learns that being a hero isn't just about wielding an axe – it's about standing up for what's right, inspiring others, and fighting for a cause greater than oneself.


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