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Quest 4 Setup - The Trials of Tolk the Wise: The Quest of the Silly Ghosts

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Greetings Citizens of Treasure Falls!

Here is the setup information for the fourth quest in The Trials of Tolk the Wise Adventure Campaign for The Quest Kids - The Quest of the Silly Ghosts!

In addition to the video above, I have provided the setup information found on page 14 & 15 of the Quest Guide below:


Don’t spoil the fun! Try not to look at the back of any of the Quest Dungeon Tiles.


Remove the following Dungeon Tiles from the Base Game Dungeon Tile Deck:

  • All Quest 3 Dungeon Tiles

  • All of the Tolk Gem Cards except for the YELLOW Tolk Gem of KNOWLEDGE.


  • The 2 Bad Guy Tiles (Empty Belly* & Legs) you removed for Quest 3.

  • The 2 Ability Tiles (+1 Power, +1 Magic, +1 Wisdom, +2 Treasure tile and +2 Magic tile) you removed for Quest 3.

*There is a mistake in the Campaign Book that says to add back in the GOBLIN GIRLS tile. We removed EMPTY BELLY for Quest 3 (not the GOBLIN GIRLS). So, you will need to add back in EMPTY BELLY to play Quest 4 (the GOBLIN GIRLS should already be in thee base deck of tiles).

Take the FIVE Quest 4 Dungeon Tiles beneath the Quest 3 Quest Prep Card and place them on the board in the locations shown on below (map coming soon):

Shuffle the remaining Base Game Dungeon Tiles and populate the cave like usual (gray/green tiles in the left four rooms & red tiles in the right three rooms).

Read CAMPAIGN CARD 25 to the group (if you'd like a reminder on what happened at the end of your last adventure). Read CAMPAIGN CARD 27 to the group and begin your Quest!

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