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Super Trains B0x Tracks Horizontal_edited.png

A Fast-Paced Superhero Train Board Game

Delivering a High-Quality Game Night


The robot city of Gearland is under attack! The evil semi-truck ROLLAR is damaging the city and tormenting the wonderful robot citizens. A team of superhero trains, The Super Trains, must save the city by delivering gears and passengers to specific locations, upgrading their train, solving emergencies, completing missions and battling Rollar. Once Rollar is defeated the Super Train with the most stars at the end of the game is the winner!

Super Trains comes from the same designer as The Quest Kids - an acclaimed dungeon crawler for kids 5+.


Cool characters &

fun components.

Like this GIANT Rollar the Evil Truck Mini!


Learn the rules & start playing in no time.

Simple turns and meaningful decisions.

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