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Big Bads of Tolk's Cave: Big Bads Battles!

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

The Quest Kids: Big Bads of Tolk's Cave is here!

Below are videos explaining each of the five possible Big Bad Boss Battles found in the game. If you have any questions please leave them in the YouTube video comments or in the Big Bads of Tolk's Cave forums on Board Game Geek!

Video tutorials for Mega Slimer and Dazzlon are coming soon!

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Matthew Curtice
Matthew Curtice

Wish you would complete a tutorial for Mega Slimer, because the rules in the book are confusing..


Great questions!

1) You are right. There is a typo with the page numbers. We will fix that for the next printing. However, the direction to begin the battle by reading one of the journal entries is correct.

2) If you have zero or only 1 card on the Big Bad Tile then there is no penalty. I see how the wording for the penalties is confusing. It should say "Each hero must avoid X attacks before they have the chance to Draw a Robot Piece Tile as a reward."

3) If all 9 cards are available then players would just take turns guessing the robot combination until someone is correct or all heroes have lost all of their hearts.…

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