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Tolk the Wise's Cave: Exploring the art of The Quest Kids

In this blog we are discussing the family board game The Quest Kids. The Quest Kids is a fantasy dungeon crawler for children 5 years old and up and is available right now on Kickstarter! Click here to learn more.

Gather around fellow adventurers, for today I am going to tell you about the greatest wizard that the kingdom of Treasure Falls has ever known: Tolk the Wise. Tolk was a trusted advisor to the King and Queen, a teacher and friend to The Quest Kids and a powerful protector of the kingdom. He had kind eyes, a precise wand and the most colorful cloak you have ever seen. He lived in a giant cave deep within the mountains of Treasure Falls. In this cave he performed all sorts of magical experiments and housed untold treasures and oddities. 

However, Tolk the Wise mysteriously disappeared long ago, and his cave is now the home to all sorts of silly bad guys who are searching for treasure and generally up to no good.  

There are six rooms in Tolk's Cave that are represented on the game board. Let's take a closer look at them! 

Quick note on scale: the first room is a square and the second is a vertical rectangle, while the other five rooms are horizontal rectangles - hence the difference in appearance in this online format.


Always the scholar and teacher, Tolk used his library to learn about the world beyond Treasure Falls and teach Quest Kids heroes the ways of truth and honor. There is also legend of a particularly valuable treasure map magically hidden somewhere in the room...

The Quest Kids - Family Board Game - Tolk's Library


Every magician needs a lab, and Tolk was no exception. He was well known for crafting potions both silly (Draught of Dancing) and complex (Elixir of Dragon Strength).

The Quest Kids - Family Board Game - Tolk's Lab


The grand entrance to Tolk the Wise's cave. Its towering ceilings, mysterious caves and brave critters make an imposing impression on all who enter. 

The Quest Kids - Family Board Game - The Great Cave


The giant gems of Tolk's Cave are one of the great mysteries of the kingdom of Treasure Falls. Are they the source of the powerful Tolk Gems (we'll discuss the Tolk Gems in a future update)?

The Quest Kids - Family Board Game - Gem Hallway


Deep within the mountains of Treasure Falls a golden river flows. It emerges in Tolk's Cave to form the golden pools. What lives in the pools? What lies at the bottom?

The Quest Kids - Family Board Game - Golden Pools


There are all sorts of bad guys and monsters in Tolk's Cave, but their leader is the Goblin King. He has set up a throne room and HQ in Tolk's Cave, where he plots silly plots and manages silly minions. 

The Quest Kids - Family Board Game - Goblin King's Throne Room


Gold. Gems. Jewels. The Goblin King loves all forms of treasure and when he acquires it he stores it in his Treasure Room. Although, it seems a bit silly to store all of your treasure in one room, don't you think?

The Quest Kids - Family Board Game - Treasure Room

Which room are you excited to explore? Are there any other theoretical rooms in Tolk's Cave that you'd like to potentially see on a new board? Let me know in the comments below!

A Quest Kids quest is never done!


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