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Kids Activity Rugs

Introducing Kids' Activity Rugs from Treasure Falls Games! Our unique kids’ play mats depict colorful, creative and whimsical kingdoms full of highly detailed art and amazing locations.

Our children's rugs are oversized (39.5" x 65.5"), feature non-slip backs that work great on hard floors or carpet, have an above average thickness for more comfortable play and roll or fold nicely for easy storage. They are a terrific choice for bedrooms, playrooms, living rooms, classrooms, mermaid castles or tree house headquarters.


Fantasy Kingdom Activity Rug

If your little hero likes The Quest Kids, castles, dragons, wizards, princesses, and more they'll love this Treasure Falls Kingdom activity rug.


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Mermaid Kingdom Activity Rug

Enjoy highly detailed art featuring amazing locations and over 40 different mermaids and underwater characters.

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